Banksman Offshore NOGEPA 1.9A

Safety and efficiency are of the utmost importance when moving loads on an offshore installation. For employees who assist the crane operator moving loads, it is important that they are aware of the dangers and how to deal with it.The safe fastening of loads and good communication with the crane operator are an important part of this. platform, offshore, maritiem (2)

For who?
Employees involved in an offshore installation lifting activities.This course can also be organized as preparation for the course Crane Operator Offshore.


- hoisting equipment
- attaching loads
- hand and arm signals
- cooperating with the crane operator (practice)
The theory is given in the immediate vicinity of the crane, so the theory will be made recognizable with practical examples.

On the last day of the course will be an assessment. This assessment consists of a theoretical and practical test. If this assessment is positive, the student receives the authorized NOGEPA Certificate of Expertise & Registration-Banksman offshore installations. This Certificate of Registration & Expertise has a fixed period of validity of 4 years.

3 days.

Costs of the training
On request.

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