About SOMA

SOMA offers a wide range of courses for the maritime and offshore sector. SOMA is a leading provider of training for offshore crane operators and lifting operations.

For more than 50 years, our clientele has included many of the leading oil and gas operators and service providers from around the world, who continue to rely on SOMA training expertise to ensure performance, competence and compliance with standards. These are maintained in all their crane operator, rigging and lifting operations.

All our courses are designed to provide expert crane operator, rigging and lifting training at the beginner, intermediate and experienced levels. SOMA offers a wide range of courses for the maritime and offshore sector. Our maritime and offshore training is essential for employees involved in onshore and offshore lifting for various activities. The courses are accredited by NOGEPA and/or DNV in accordance with OPITO and OMHEC guidelines.

The SOMA brand has stood for quality, performance, safety and excellent customer service since 1960. Two training centres provide crane operator, rigging and lifting courses. SOMA has the technical expertise to provide the best crane and lifting training solutions for your business requirements. All of our training facilities offer a wide range of courses, as well as the option of creating bespoke crane, lifting and rigging courses to meet your operational requirements. Our years of experience in the field of training and the quality of our instructions will have a positive effect on your employees and their work. This creates a safe working environment for your certified personnel.

However, SOMA offers more than simply training in the maritime and offshore sectors. SOMA also has a wide range of courses in the infra sector and in vertical transport. SOMA provides a variety of training courses and refresher courses for employees who already have experience in the infra sector. The target is to take responsibility for all training and development issues faced by employers and employees. SOMA is located in Harderwijk and has an unique 27 hectare practice site at its disposal. Here, course participants can immediately put their newly learned skills into practice.